Terms and Conditions

Queenstown Paraflights Limited is a New Zealand owned and registered company.

The safety of our passengers and their property is important to us and by purchasing a parasail flight or spectator spot with Queenstown Paraflights and boarding our vessel:

Passengers agree that they are carried at their own risk and Queenstown Paraflights will not be liable in any way for any injury incurred as a result of being carried. Passengers should be aware that in New Zealand any claims for personal injury are limited by a government scheme and passengers should obtain their own insurance should they wish to do so.
Please advise a member of our staff if you have a physical condition that may affect the enjoyment of or your safety on your flight with us.

We suggest that passengers do not take any personal property or equipment on their flight, however if passengers choose to do so then this property or equipment is carried at the PASSENGER’S OWN RISK and Queenstown Paraflights will not be liable in any way for any loss to such property or equipment however caused.
For the safety and comfort of all passengers all instructions given by the crew must be followed and parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children do the same.


We require 24 hours notice for cancellation before the booking departure time to get a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours will be at the sole discretion of Queenstown Paraflights. 

Trips are weather dependent – Queenstown Paraflights operation can be affected by high winds on the lake, heavy rain or stormy conditions and Queenstown Paraflights reserves the right to modify trip times and cancel trips at our sole discretion. A full refund will be given for trips cancelled by weather when the cancellation is verified by Queenstown Paraflights .

Queenstown Paraflights Gift Cards are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase. Extension of validity beyond the gift card expiry date is at Queenstown Paraflights sole discretion.


Weight and age restrictions apply.

Queenstown Paraflights reserve the right to cancel any trip if the passenger safety is at risk due to the customer exceeding the weight or age restrictions. Please call the Queenstown Paraflights team if you have any questions regarding this.